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The Competencies Employers Want

Workers need more than just their educational credentials to qualify for jobs that pay well, keep those jobs, secure promotions, and boost their earnings on the job. Workplace Basics: The Competencies Employers Want reveals the five most in-demand competencies across the labor market and workforce development.

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Workforce training in the labor market recovery

The COVID-19 recession that began in March 2020 has had a disparate effect on workers depending on many factors: industry, occupation, level of education, parental status, race, and gender. For example, declines in employment have been largest for workers of color and those with less formal

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Kingsborough Community College

Workforce Development at Kingsborough Community College (KCC) delivers workforce training and college readiness programs to under- and unemployed NYC residents, providing the training and skills necessary to advance their careers or continue toward a higher educational goal. Workforce Development is committed to providing our students with the most relevant training and hands-on employment services that will positively serve their long-term individual, educational and career goals.

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