Iā€™m interested in ā€¦ Construction Project Management

If you are interested in engineering and architecture, are a team player, an excellent communicator and like challenges, a career in construction project management could be the right fit for you.

Explore these career paths and let Kingsborough Community College help you take the right steps to earn your training credentials to begin or advance your career.

Paths for Construction Project Management

Construction Project Managers plan, direct or coordinate construction or maintenance of structures, facilities and systems. They participate in the conceptual development of a project and oversee its organization, scheduling, budgeting and implementation. Managers can be specialized in fields such as carpentry or plumbing.
Goal 1: Get your certification from KCC

Career Stats | Salary Range: $37,560 ā€“ $59,730

Goal 2: Get your associate degree from KCC

Career Stats | Salary Range: $36,240 ā€“ $70,050

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