Iā€™m interested in ā€¦ Welding

Do you like solving problems, creating and repairing materials and doing physical work? A career as a Welder could be for you.

Explore these career paths and let Kingsborough Community College help you take the right steps to earn your training credentials to begin or advance your career.

Paths for Welders

Welders use hand-welding, flame cutting, hand-soldering, or brazing equipment to join metal components or to fill holes, indentations, or seams of fabricated metal in products. They work in construction, shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing and repair, railroad, and electrical industries, among others.

Goal 1: Get your certification from KCC

Career Stats | Salary Range: $30,410 ā€“ $47,170

Goal 2: Get your associate degree from KCC

Career Stats | Salary Range: $35,610 ā€“ $83,030

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